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Saturday 6th October 2018 sees the 51st Championship Show of the Finnish Spitz Club.

The judge is Mr Stuart Mallard and Mr Glenway Dymock is judging the Special Award classes.


The show will open at 10:00am with judging to start promptly at 11:00am, you are assured of a warm welcome, so please feel free to come along and enjoy the day. 

Saturday 6th October 2018 saw the 51st Championship Show of the Finnish Spitz Club.

The judge was Mr Stuart Mallard, for the Championship Show, and Mr Glenway Dymock for the Special Award Classes, the showw was held at its' usual venue of, Baginton Village Hall, Baginton, CV83AB.

The show opened at 10:00am with judging starting promptly at 11:00am, there was a warm welcome for everyone, and a friendly atmosphere throughout the day.

Following tradition our President, Angela Cavill, donated a boutonniere for every lady present in memory of Finnish Spitz no longer with us.

There was nothing overlooked throughout the day, with the show running smoothly, there was coffee on arrival, a buffet lunch, and a champagne and cake to round the day off.

A great gesture this year, was the exhibitors gift, donated kindly by Dolores and David Montgomery, which was a donation made to the Blue Cross, in memory of all the dogs and other animals that have lost their lives during the  two world wars, and those who are currently working on the front line to this day.

Judges Critique:

The Finnish Spitz Club Championship Show - 6th October 2018


I thank the Officials and Committee for the privilege of judging this friendly well run show.  Nothing had been overlooked.  A buffet lunch including celebration cake and champagne.  The entry was low but I was fortunate to have several quality specimens.  Several were out of coat, all were fit for function.  Thank you for a very pleasant day.

 ND 1.  North.  Toveri Tynni From Markku.  Very typical 3 yo being compact with a straight front and level back.  His head is well balanced and clean with moderate stop, dark eye and pigmentation, of correct oval shape but a little prominent perhaps.  Enough neck for correct carriage and well set and carried tail.  Moved soundly when settled.  Shown in good coat.

Also the winner of GD.  PGD and SBD.

OD. 4. (2)  Montgomery & Cavill.  Fin Ch Karahkan Fransu To Toveri.  Masculine without coarsness, he presented a lovely outline.  He is compact and I liked his length of leg.  Scored in front assembly,  straight limbs, medium bone into tidy feet.  Clean head with modest stop, dark eye and pigment, small ears set just high enough.  Level topline with correct tail and carriage into moderately defined hindquarters.  Could manage a little more substance.  Sound light active mover.  Not in full bloom but enough coat to appreciate the texture and quality.  RDCC.  2nd.  Knights & Stokes.  Ch Toveri Turo Of Lelaps.  Soundly constructed, masculine and very typical.  I liked his head which is clean and well proportioned, dark eye and pigment.  Just preferred front of winner.  Depth to chest with moderate tuck up, level back and moderately shaped hindquarters.  Free light mover.

VD.  1.  Greaves.  Ch/Ir Ch Kunniakas Look No Further For Whittimere.  In great condition for his 9,1/2 years and a very worthy champion.  Of a slightly heavier build he is compact, on his toes and totally sound.  His well proportioned head is clean with small mobile ears.  Dark eye could be a tad smaller.  Modest neck into clean front assembly, bone and feet to suit.  Depth to chest with some shape to underline,  topline, tail set and hindquarters to suit.  Very sound light movement with purpose.  Shown in good coat. DCC.  BIS.

OB.  4.  (1)  1st.  Slater.  Valokki Kastehelmi.  Well developed feminine lady with refinement.  Beautifully balanced with nothing overstated.  I loved her balanced head with modest stop.  I considered her eyes classic being oval in shape, dark, well placed and not too large. Her front is dead straight,  enough depth to chest with hindquarters to compliment forequarters.  I considered her a serious challenge for BIS and had she been in full coat who knows.  BCC.  2nd. Knight & Stokes.  Ch Toveri Tosca Of Lelaps.  Mature with a lovely profile and balanced head.  Her frame is well constructed but I felt she carried a little surplus weight today.  She moved soundly with drive and decent deportment.  3rd.  Byard & Greer.  Valokki Kuura.

VB.  3.  (2)  1st.  Masters.  Ch Toveri Neiti.  10 yo lady of considerable quality and balance.  A most worthy ambassador for the breed.  I liked her clean head with dark oval eye, pigment to compliment and smallish mobile ears.  Moderate neck into straight front and desirable feet.  She has shape to underline with level back and tail to suit.  Hindquarters compliment fore.  Shown in good condition.  RBCC. 

Brace. (2,1) 1st Knight & Stokes A brace that complement each other very well, they moved sensibly and were handled to advantage.

Stuart Mallard, (Judge)

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